[Corporate News] Piaggio Vietnam Launches the Special Edition Vespa Picnic


Hanoi, March 31st, 2021, Piaggio Vietnam launches the special edition Vespa PicNic. Vespa Picnic was born from a creative idea that matches the lifestyle of those that retain a sense of freedom, the desire for exploration and curiosity that brings them new experiences and arouses positive energy in life.
With Vespa, “picnic” is not anymore just an activity, but a state of mind, the openness to possibilities of enjoyment. Vespa PicNic will take you to a discovery of new inspirations, that lets us look at life through a light-hearted lens, the joie de vivre in the smallest actions… because with Vespa, Life is a Picnic!
The special edition Vespa PicNic is introduced as a limited edition with a quantity of 300 units in Vietnamese market. Especially for Vespa PicNic, each vehicle not only is engraved with its serial number, but also comes with a key chain and a Certificate of special edition with respective serial number. Moreover, Vespa Vietnam provides the service of name engraving onto the key chain if customers wish to have their personal markings on their own bikes.



Vespa PicNic comes in Vietnamese market with 2 colors: the delicate White Innocenza and the elegant Grey Materia, which accentuate the outstanding details of the special edition. The model once again fuels the love of life in the souls of each Vespa lover with features that give off rustic-chic style blending in the rusticness of nature during a relaxing picnic day, which works in harmony with a touch of Italian-classy charm.
The special edition owns a set of  unique and sophisticated accessories, which truly becomes spotlight of the design. The front rack as well as the rear rack (standard equipment on Vespa Picnic) both have 1 brown strap respectively, that not only embellish the look of the vehicle but are also functional items to tighten to the Vespa Picnic the items to be carried with you in your journey out of town.
The reminiscence of Italian-classy picnics and rustic colors of the nature is reflected remarkably in the brown details of the livery such as the footrest and the dedicated stickers that complete a harmonious ensemble. The unique saddle is designed only for the Vespa PicNic: different shades of brown are tailored to provide the most sophisticated look and never-before-experienced comfort. The small Italian flag positioned on the saddle strap is a further reminder of the origin of this wonderful bike. The beauty of the scooter is ultimately highlighted by the chromed details, which creates a perfect combination with the white outlines of the shield and the white rims.
Vespa Picnic range is equipped with 12”-wheel rims, made of aluminum alloy and with a five-spoke design, especially conceived in white by Piaggio Group’s Italian design center. They bring out the chicness of the scooter, ensuring a ride in style for the young spirits that are constantly on the lookout for an enjoyable escape from the city.
The Vespa PicNic edition is easily being distinguished from Vespa family by the dedicated “Vespa Picnic” signature plate on the front compartment and by the outstanding accessories that complete this special collection.

Vespa riders can upgrade their experiences with the accessories inspired by Vespa Picnic. The picnic blanket, enriched by the embossed Vespa Picnic logo, and the special rattan basket (with fixing kit which allows basket to located firmly on the rear rack) with leather details create the Italian vintage vibe of a classic stylish picnic. The picnic kit is completed by the white cooling bag (inside the basket) where food and drinks can be stored once the journey outdoor begins.
Premium Vespa PicNic tumblers, available in grey and white, are designed to keep your drink at the temperature you want.
A branded fedora hat, a tote bag (which is available in white and grey) and white T-shirt with heritage graphic inspired by Vespa historical marketing campaigns in the past, are also available to level up the outfits of the picnickers who are enjoying their carefree trip in the countryside in the most stylish and premium way.

Not only producing fashionable scooters for customers, but Piaggio Group in general and Vespa brand in particular also devote a special gratefulness  to Vespa fans by introducing special editions with limited production, which aims to bring surprise, excitement and beyond-expected love to customers.
Vespa fans can easily recognize that the annual collections of Vespa 946, which have been delighting Vespa lovers all over the world, such as Vespa 946 Ricordo Italiano (2013), Vespa 946 Bellissima (2014), Vespa 946 Emporio Armani (2015), (Vespa 946) RED (2017) and the expected Vespa 946 Christian Dior (2021), are a clear confirmation for the influence and the mission of shaping mobility art that Vespa has built throughout these years. In addition, the Vespa Primavera line also inherits that spirit and launches special editions every year. In 2018, Vespa Primavera Yatch Club was born as a model exhaling the breath of Mediterranean Seas, which was emphazied by impressive details giving off a free and lavish lifestyle on exclusive yatches. As a continuation, in 2020, Piaggio once again enchanted Vespa fans with the Vespa Primavera Sean Wotherspoon inspired by the groundbreaking creativity of bold color scheme. In the same year, (Vespa Primavera) RED was also officially launched with the mission of supporting the Global Fund to find AIDS as well as joining hands with Vespa community against this disease.
Vespa has constantly turned its endless inspirations into special editions, which tell Vespa lovers in Vietnam and worldwide a story of those that live to the fullest with spontaneity and enjoyment of life.
After World War II, Vespa was initially born as a solution of convenient mobility in a context where roads were terribly destroyed. Having elvoved along with the magic economic boom in early 1950s, Vespa went beyond the bound of a vehicle to become a leisure product. Together with the full coverage in media such as cinema and advertising, Vespa was regarded as a typical symbol of lifestyle.
After its first introduction in 1968, Vespa Primavera quickly became a fresh breeze of Piaggio product range and was even considered as a cultural trend in Italy.
This specific time in history was also a remarkable period in which women and youngsters were truly respected and empowered.  By grabbing this change, Vespa – a worldwide iconic symbol of Italy at that time – launched Primavera product with an unprecedentedly dynamic, young and elegant design. In Italian, “Primavera” means “Spring”, which confirmed that Vespa Primavera was a symbol of an energetic beginning.
The end of World War II marked the commencement of an economic boom in the 1960s period in Europe, and especially in Italy. From that moment, life was changed for the Generation X. They began to think about how to persuit their own passions, not just settling for the daily routine. This specific time in history was a milestone in the evolution of civilization in which self – expression and the curiosity to explore the world became the new motto for the youngsters. They started to feel inside themselves the flame of passion that was burning for new experiences – something authentic and spontaneous.
At that time, people chose to escape the city for a while and ride away on their trip to the countryside. Serving that purpose, Vespa quickly turned into a stylish, classy leisure product that upgraded the rider’s experience rather than being just a work tool. That urge had made this made-in-Italian scooter became the number one choice, and turned Vespa into the iconic symbol of style, timeless beauty, and passion to chase ones’ dream in young generation’s eyes. 

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