[Webinar] Workshop: Leading Through Crisis: How to Motivate During Disruption

On Wednesday the 20th of May 2020, EuroCham hosted its latest online event with two professional trainers from EQ Asia: Ms. My Holland and her partner, Mr. Anthony Holland. The interactive webinar themed “Leading Through Crisis - How to Motivate During Disruption”. It brought together a group of attendees to answer the question of how we can keep our teams motivated and engaged during the COVID-19 disruption. 
One of the biggest implications of COVID-19 has been the lockdown and social isolation measures introduced to prevent the spread of the virus. The directives issued by the government and the actions taken by the community have proven to be very effective in combating the pandemic with a record-low infection rate and zero fatalities. A quick poll from the event indicates that more than half of the participants are confident that their businesses have been able to manage efficiently during the crisis and that they have taken proper action in a timely manner.

The online workshop kicked-off with a quick introductory session from all the participants so that everyone could learn more about each other. Psychologically speaking, the uncertainty in this unpreceded situation could cause great stress and burnout to employees, affecting their performance. In this light, it is crucial for leaders to take strong approaches to inspire, boost confidence and empower their staff to overcome these challenges.

In their presentation, our guest speakers also showcased other key leadership challenges that COVID-19 presents and shared their insights on employee engagement in Vietnam. The main objective for this course was to understand the drivers and impacts of anxiety and address the root causes. It also stressed the need to know how to motivate a team with strategies tailored for their personal capacities, and to capitalise on the team's strengths so they can perform in the “sweet zone”.

During these times of COVID-19, EuroCham will continue to keep our members updated on new developments in the business environment here in Vietnam through webinars such as this one. However, due to technical restrictions, the number of guests is limited to 100. So, please follow us on social media and check our e-bulletin each week to be first-in-line to register for future webinars.

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