PwC survey: NextGen Survey 2019

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How do I add value to my family business? How do I get ready to play a leadership role? How do I make myself heard by my parents or grandparents? As a Next Gen, you can probably relate to these questions as they help you shape your journey and add another stepping stone in the legacy of your business.
Your opinions, perspectives and actions matter a lot to us. At PwC we are listening to what’s on YOUR mind, so we can better support you as a future family business leader and driver. 
To this end, we have partnered with research consultancy Meridian West to produce a survey that lets you express your thoughts on all things from your own personal development and future goals to the priorities for your family business. 
We would be delighted if you could complete this quick 15 minute survey. Here’s your personal link:
Your individual responses will not be shared with PwC but you can choose to receive your results benchmarked against other global Next Gens who take the survey. We expect to get hundreds of responses from around 20 countries, so you’ll be able to compare your views and concerns with Next Gens all around the world!
Thank you in advance for your contribution to this year’s survey! If you have any questions, please email

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