Swiss Post Solutions Vietnam sealed double success at Sao Khue Awards 2019

Vietnam Software Industry Association recently awarded Swiss Post Solutions Vietnam (SPS Vietnam) with two prizes as the winners of two categories in Sao Khue Awards 2019.
Sao Khue, is the first and most honorable award in ICT industry organized in Vietnam to highly praise the corporations, organizations and individuals for their contributions to the development of IT industry in Vietnam. This year remarks 15 years history of Sao Khue whose achievements and growth partly illustrate how fast IT industry in Vietnam is accelerating. According to statistics, the total income generated by 94 products and services which are awarded with “Sao Khue” title this year stood at 9,298 billion VND, equivalent to 399 million USD.
SPS Vietnam Received Sao Khue Award For “Outstanding BPO Service”
There are 5 categories for nominations opened in 2019: (1)Outstanding software and solutions; (2) Products and service using 4.0 digitalization; (3) Outstanding start-up products; (4) New applications and solutions (5) Outstanding IT Services. Surpassing more than 134 products and services, SPS Vietnam received Sao Khue Awards for the best BPO Service (Outstanding IT Services) and SPS Digital Processing Platform (New applications and solutions) for the extensive utilization of advanced technology such as Artificial Intelligence(AI), Robotic process automation (RPA), smart data extraction and classification in daily operation. Listed in 50 leading IT companies in 3 consecutive years , SPS Vietnam expanded its success by promoting the advancement in not only technology but also the quality of human resources in the company. One of the proud achievements was the succesful launch of the new SPS Digital Processing Platform, a solution that SPS Vietnam participated in designing and developing from the beginning days, to solve the urgent need from a big German client.
The award ceremony was held in Hanoi on 21st April and pleasingly received the attendance by the prominent politicians including Mr. Phan Tam - Deputy Minister of Information and Communications, Doctor Mai Liem Truc - Former Vice Minister of Post and Telecommunication, Mr. Truong Gia Binh - President of VINASA, the Central Party Commissioner, Chairman of the Science, Technology and Environment Committee of the National Assembly Phan Xuan Dung,   and more than 500 elite leaders from the organizations and institutes across the country.
SPS Vietnam received Sao Khue Award for SPS Digital Processing Platform
Since establishment in 2004, SPS Vietnam received Sao Khue Award 11 times, affirming the continuous improvement in all aspects. Starting with only 50 employees, SPS Vietnam now expanded its facility into 2 branches with 1,500 employees, became the Global Hub of the whole SPS Group and will continue to grow faster in the future.
Representating SPS Vietnam at the award ceremony, Ms. Cao Thi Bich Ngoc, Head of Operations stated that “SPS Vietnam is proud to be recognized and selected by the top professors across the country  as the winners of the two categories in Sao Khue Awards. Currently deploying advanced technology like AI, VCR, RPA, in the system to improve our quality as well as turnaround time, we believe that SPS Vietnam is one of the pioneers in the 4.0 revolution that Sao Khue as well as VINASA is trying to foster and will keep contributing to the growth of IT industry in Vietnam.”

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