EU-ASEAN Business Sentiment Survey

The EU-ASEAN Business Sentiment Survey is read by Ministers and Senior Officials both in the EU and ASEAN. The publication had been quoted by ASEAN Ministers during regional conferences and Ministerial meetings (including most recently at the ASEAN Finance Ministers meeting in Chiang Rai at the beginning of the month).  Previous surveys have highlighted the strong commitment of European businesses to the ASEAN region, which helps in our advocacy efforts across Southeast Asia.  You will also wish to be aware that DGTrade will be taking the results of the section of the survey on FTAs to help formulate policy towards future FTA negotiations with the ASEAN region (they have also commissioned  a survey of ASEAN companies on this topic to get a better understanding of the views of local businesses at this end). 
Last year, 51% of the respondents saw ASEAN as the region with greatest economic potential ahead of China, which was a distant second place. However, with the changes taking place in the global, political and trade landscape; it is critical to ascertain if that view still stands. Therefore, we would like to seek your help in sending the survey out. The link to this year’s survey is here:  It should take no more than 15 minutes for anyone to complete it.
You can view last years’ results here

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