Greater safety on two-wheels for Vietnam with ABS and ESP® systems developed by Bosch

Vietnam’s traffic has become as iconic as its rich historic structures. But its photogenic charm belies a tragedy that has touched millions in this beautiful country: that of road accidents. Accidents in Vietnam involving two- and four-wheelers account for nearly 60 percent of all road traffic fatalities in the region, or over 8,400 deaths annually since 2016.

With these realities plaguing the Vietnamese society, Bosch actively puts forth its advocacy for the fitment of active safety systems across vehicle classes, including two-wheelers. Held on a rainy Saturday on 9th March at the Hanoi University of Science and Technology (HUST), ASEAN NCAP’s vehicle safety course allowed Bosch the opportunity to showcase its capabilities in riding safety, particularly ABS and ESP®. This demonstration attracted a lot of attention and generated significant interest from partner government organizations, members of the academe, journalists, representatives and students of HUST, and other industry players.

The next stop for ASEAN NCAP’s vehicle safety course is Bangkok.

The discussion on road safety is gaining importance in the region, especially in markets like Vietnam, where approximately 26.7 for every 100,000 citizens die from traffic accidents each year. 


Yoshiki Takahashi (2WP/ESS1) demonstrates riding safety at ASEAN NCAP’s Vehicle Safety Course, Hanoi. 


Klaus Landhaeusser (AZ/SOE-VN) presents Bosch’s advocacy and capabilities in riding safety.

Diversity is our advantage. 7 nationalities and 3 locations are represented in this diverse organizing team.


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