And the 1000th member in our books is... Winbooks!

Winbooks from Belgium - a BeluxCham member - is EuroCham's 1000th member!

With their registration, EuroCham has now reached 1,000 members for the first time.

The EuroCham Executive Committee and Secretariat would like to thank Winbooks and all our members for their continued support and for their contribution to the European business community in Vietnam.

EuroCham was founded in 1998 with just 60 members. Today, we count among our membership world leaders in all sectors and industries, from small start-up enterprises to long-established multinationals. This community of innovative, forward-thinking companies has helped to drive improvements to the trade and investment environment here in Vietnam. Our members have set the standard for responsible, successful business and built strong relationships between Europe and Vietnam, to the benefit of both.

Our growing membership, and the support of our affiliated Business Associations, is what makes EuroCham the strong advocate for free and fair trade that we are today. We are delighted to welcome our 1,000th member in the year of our 20th anniversary, and we look forward to welcoming more new members in the years ahead.


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