Rethink Plastic Vietnam: The PLASTIC DIET CHALLENGE is On

Did you know Vietnam is one of the five countries that are responsible for 60% of the plastic in our oceans?

We are unconsciously consuming single-use plastics for just about everything, from cleaning teeth (dental floss, toothbrushes), showering (bottles, sponges), to buying and storing food... It's not denied that plastics are durable and convenient, but these properties persist in the environment for hundreds to thousands of years.

This September, challenge yourself and join the PLASTIC DIET!

It's a 21-day challenge for anyone who uses plastic. Sign up and for 21 days, you will receive:
♻️ A survey to record your plastic use and how much you have reduced,
♻️ Tips and tricks to inspire you to reduce it even more,
♻️ Statistics of how all participants are doing.

You can become the winner of the challenge if you become the biggest reducer!



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