EuroCham Business Awards 2018: Nominations Now Open

This November, EuroCham will celebrate two decades in Vietnam at its annual Gala Dinner.
The event, to be held at the GEM Centre in Ho Chi Minh City on Friday 16 November, will also feature EuroCham’s first-ever Business Awards.
To mark this historic milestone, the Chamber wants to recognise the success of European companies and their contribution to growth, living standards and innovation in Vietnam.
The EuroCham Business Awards 2018 will highlight the achievements of European companies in 5 categories:

1. Business Excellence (Nominated by Business Associations) This award recognises the business that has shown long-term growth and success, been a model of responsible and profitable business and made a real contribution to Vietnam over the last two decades.

2. Entrepreneurship (Nominated by Business Associations) This award recognises the business that has shown outstanding entrepreneurial qualities, such as being innovative, creative, disruptive and competitive, to overcome challenges and become successful in Vietnam.

3. Alumni Vietnamese students educated in Europe get more than a degree. These students also bring back new ideas, connections and practices that benefit business back home. This award recognises the person who has made the biggest contribution to Vietnam after being educated in Europe.

4. Start-Up Vietnam is a magnet for start-up companies. This award recognises the most innovative, enterprising and forward-thinking new European companies.

5. Sustainability Initiatives Vietnam’s economic growth has improved education, living standards and opportunities for millions. But it is now creating environmental problems that threaten the health of its people and the future of its natural environment. This award recognises the business that has done the most to adopt sustainable practices and reduce its environmental impact.

EuroCham’s independent panel of judges will shortlist companies in each of the 5 categories. The winners will be announced at the Gala Dinner, and will receive a certificate and prize.

How to Nominate

To make a nomination, just send a presentation of no more than 3 PowerPoint slides showing how the company you’re nominating meets the Assessment Criteria. Nominations will close on 01 October 2018 and winners will be announced on the evening of EuroCham’s Gala Dinner.

Please send nominations to:

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