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A EuroCham Chapter is driven by 3 willing Members (Delegates) that can imprint EuroCham dynamics among the local business community. The Chapter is not an office and is unstaffed, acting as virtual representation of EuroCham in the regions where it is established, covering usually a number of neighbouring provinces. While a regional “desk” may be mentioned, such an address will be hosted by a EuroCham member and will serve as the local physical contact point, but not being a EuroCham legally owned/leased related premises. EuroCham Delegates must be EuroCham members and volunteer to carry out their duties as local representatives, and are non-remunerated.
The activities of a EuroCham Chapter focus on 5 events per year, with the 3 Delegates focusing on different aspects of EuroCham activity continuously, according to the time they may be able to expend towards that end. Additional events may be added on, after agreed by both Delegates and Secretariat.
The basic agenda of events comprises:  

The delegates will provide support, advice, and promotion towards these events, but every initiative shall be supported by the EuroCham secretariat. Up to 2 EuroCham staff can be present on-site for 1-2 days to support the implementation of the events.
The EuroCham Quarterly Networking Events are an occasion for the local business community – members and non-members – to come together. With the support of EuroCham’s secretariat where applicable, the Delegate for Events should provide instructions for organising this event (venue, schedule, promotion ideas). The EuroCham secretariat will proceed to make logistics arrangements, advance payments, and organised communication; coordinating with the Delegate for Events in ensuring efficient implementation. The Delegates will provide suggestions for promotion to be carried out by the secretariat, while also committing to disseminating the event among his/her network as much as possible.
A larger Business Conference/Forum, focusing on local business dynamics and topics and gathering business and local authorities, serves the purposes of discussion and networking. It is ideally a half-day event to be organised every year in Q4, comprising key speakers – recruited mostly amongst EuroCham members - which can give an actionable overview of the local economy, business potential and regulatory aspects. It should also count on the presence of the local authorities, involving an engagement of the Delegate for Advocacy to guarantee their presence.
All events should be carried out having zero loss for EuroCham in mind. Paid entrances should not be prioritised for any event except the larger Business Conference/Forum, but may be established in any activity to support costs. Sponsorships are also a way to fund the events.
The Networking event serves the purpose of creating a platform of exchange among the local business community. In addition, they are expected to be an ideal occasion to bring non-member companies to consider becoming EuroCham members. The Delegate for Community-Building will play a major role in achieving this objective, with the full support of the secretariat.
Overall, the activities of the Chapter should be funded by the effective acquisition of new EuroCham members throughout the year.
The three delegates will be formally appointed by the EuroCham Chairman following the suggestion of the Executive Director. The positions are unpaid, although expenses for meetings may be covered on a case-by-case basis as long as sporadic and infrequent, given that targeted continuous activity is not the work approach intended. All three delegates will have a Report Trip per year to Ho Chi Minh City, with all expenses covered, to report their activities in person to the Executive Committee and or/ present at a selected EuroCham event.
The Delegates are expected to show self-initiative and propose activities, ideally by presenting an Activity Plan in January. There is a small reference KPI for each Delegate[1].
Even though the Delegates are assigned 3 different roles, these roles are not static, but rather a reference of what expected of each of them. The Delegates should support EuroCham action overall, and not be limited to their assigned role. For example, the Delegate for Community-Building may be the occasionally organising or participating in a Government meeting; while the Delegate for Advocacy may sporadically recruit new members for EuroCham. The concept is that the work of the three Delegates constitutes a collective effort and exchanges and interactions between them should be as frequent as possible (a monthly meeting is highly recommended).
More specifically, the roles of the 3 delegates are described as follows:
1. Delegate for Events

  • Proposes format and logistics related to local EuroCham events
  • Provides input on how the events should be promoted locally
  • All proposals are to be approved by the EuroCham Secretariat and Executive Committee
  • KPI: Is responsible for enabling the implementation of 4 Quarterly Networking events per year, and 1 Annual Business Forum.
  • Counts on the full support of the secretariat for all purposes.

2. Delegate for Advocacy

  • Is the representative of EuroCham towards the local Government in an informal capacity (does not have any decision, signing or mandated powers).
  • May represent EuroCham officially if mandated by the Executive Committee
  • Monitors and takes note, maintaining as regular communication as possible with the EuroCham Advocacy Team, regarding local policy and regulatory issues affecting EuroCham members and the foreign business community at large.
  • KPI: Is responsible for organizing at least three (3) meetings per year with relevant local authorities.  

3. Delegate for Community Building

  • Is aware of EuroCham activities through regular consultation of EuroCham communication platforms and contact with the Secretariat.
  • Is aware of EuroCham membership and corporate partnership benefits
  • Is responsible for building a local EuroCham membership community:
    • Promoting, as much as possible, contact between members
    • reaching out and making information available for new potential members
  • Will be fully supported by EuroCham Memberships Officer at all times.
  • KPI: Will assist in achieving the goal of 4 Direct and 8 Indirect New EuroCham Members/year.
[1] NOTE: failure to reach the KPIs bears no direct consequences


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