Workshop : The importance of proper English pronunciation skills in international business-FULLY BOOKED

Tuesday, 24 July 2018
8:30am - 11:30am
EuroCham Office, 15th Floor, Landmark Building, 5B Ton Duc Thang Street, District 1, HCMC
Member: VND 300,000; Non-member: VND 500,000 [light breakfast included ]

The importance of proper English pronunciation skills in international business
‘Take a sh*t, please’ or ‘Take a seat, please’?
Solutions to the specific speaking challenges Vietnamese face in English communication
The /s/, /ʃ/, /z/, /tʃ/, and /dʒ/ sounds

  • Are you happy with the English speaking and communication skills of your Vietnamese staff? (The focus is on speaking, not on their knowledge of written English, which is probably great.)
  • Can your Vietnamese employees participate in face-to-face meetings with foreigners, deliver presentations, speak on the phone, or manage customer complaints, and do all this confidently?

If you share the opinion of most expat business leaders in Vietnam and feel that your company would benefit greatly if your staff could communicate not only by writing emails but by actually speaking better and more confident English, then our upcoming summer workshops can be your way to the solution.
Despite its importance, the area of English speaking and pronunciation (so that a Westerner will understand!) is often neglected in English training courses in Vietnam and as a result many Vietnamese people struggle to hold even relatively simple conversations with foreigners without misunderstandings (especially over the phone or Skype). The same can be said of simple business and sales presentations which also present huge challenges for Vietnamese staff in terms of confident and professional delivery. 
Join our 3-part series of English speaking and pronunciation training workshops delivered by English pronunciation expert and speaking coach Dr. Csaba Szoke (Founder and CEO of Sonus Vietnam) so that you will:

  • find out why foreigners (especially native English speakers) many times misunderstand Vietnamese English
  • identify and understand the specific challenges Vietnamese have when speaking English
  • learn how to fix the most critical speaking errors
  • discover how technology can help your staff learn to speak clearer English without scheduling classes and sitting in a classroom.


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