Celebrating Environment Day: a recap of EuroCham's green action!

Since 2017, EuroCham set out to imprint on its activities action that can make a difference towards a more sustainable future.

With simple steps, EuroCham has since then been successful in doing its small part to inspire Vietnam in looking at its future through the lens of sustainability and livability.

Among these activities are:

1. Publishing the EuroCham Greenbook 2017: dedicated to showcasing Europe’s longstanding expertise in providing solutions and creative alternatives towards sustainable and inclusive development.

2. Launching the Greenbook website: a platform where subscribers can share their News, Events, Products, Services, Studies, among other green solutions, aiming to become the reference Green Business source in Vietnam

3. Starting the EuroCham Sustainability Initiative: a simple but meaningful challenge put before EuroCham members to enhance their sustainability best practices. In its first edition - to eliminate the consumption of single-use plastic bottles in offices. - launched in November 2017, more than 30 Eurocham members contributed through simple measures to prevent the consumption of at least 167,000 bottles (2,353kg of plastic). 2019's edition will be dedicated to paper saving.

4. Releasing a Call for Proposals for CSR Audit services: EuroCham members will receive special rates when ensuring their operations are CSR-certified. EuroCham is currently accepting proposals from specialised suppliers of these services.

5. Internal measures: EuroCham offices eliminated the use of plastic bottles, plastic straws, and established a "lights-off" policy after closing of business.

Join EuroCham in the journey towards changing the way businesses operate and contribute to a more sustainable future!

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