Join the EuroCham Sustainability Initiative: make a change

EuroCham stands for sustainable and responsible business and we are certain that our members share this vision as well. 

This is why we have now launched the EuroCham Sustainability Initiative, inviting all EuroCham members to take simple measures to reduce the environmental footprint of their business operations.
Every year, EuroCham will be launching a different initiative, asking only that members make simple changes and actions that can make a difference when carried out by a community of almost 1000 companies such as ours. 

Our first initative challenges our members to eliminate the purchase of single-use plastic bottles in their office operations,
 fully switching their water supply to water dispensers. If 1000 companies reduce waste and favour re-usable ware, there can be a significantly positive environmental impact. It is a win-win step that benefits the environment, the company, and can even contribute to cost-reduction. 

EuroCham strongly encourages all its members to sign up now! 


1.Express your Interest: Send an email to expressing your company’s participation in this initiative

2.Stop Your Bottle Orders: Request the relevant person within your organisation to contact your current water provider, informing them that you would like to make this change.

3.Report: EuroCham will provide you with a very simple 1-page template for you to upload 3 photos illustrating your efforts and few statistical data between before and after. This will help us quantify how much plastic waste was prevented by your efforts in joining the Initiative.

4.“Inspection”: EuroCham will randomly select participating companies and send its staff to monitor your office for completion of the initiative. This is an informal inspection of course, as the EuroCham Sustainability Initiative is based on trust. This will be reflected in the announcement of your completion in our communication channels.

By joining this initiative, you commit that your company eliminates the use of plastic bottles in the office, particularly in the main office.

1. Official Certificate
Paperless certificate, printing is optional. For members "inspected", a printed certificate will be delivered by EuroCham.

2. Recognition on Website and Social Media
Initiative completion announced on EuroCham’s website (25.000 visits/month) and social media (more than 10.000 followers). For members "inspected", an image illustrating EuroCham's visit will accompany the news announcing their completion of the Initiative.

3. EuroCham Sustainability Initiative stamp on Membership Directory page
Your company profile on the printed EuroCham Membership Directory will feature a "stamp" indicating your certification as a EuroCham Sustainability Initiative "graduate" for the year in question. 

4. Recognised at EuroCham Annual General Meeting 
The EuroCham Chair will announce the companies that have joined the EuroCham Sustainability Initative at the EuroCham AGM .

If you are willing to take the small steps the EuroCham Sustainability Initiative challenges you to, and contribute to a greener future for Vietnam, sign up your company up now! It's free.

Contact: Mr. Khánh, Marketing & Communications Assistant, at OR Tel: (84-28) 3827 2715 Ext 120.

*Image used above is a copyright of Larry Rains*

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