EuroCham conducted the EVFTA 2018: Survey on Expectations of EuroCham Members

Dear EuroCham Members,
The EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement is expected in 2018 and its implementation is under way.
Since its negotiation stages back in 2013, EuroCham has been bringing its members’ views to the table towards ensuring that the Agreement was written and implemented in the most efficient and beneficial way possible. Many of the recommendations that EuroCham conveyed to the negotiating officials from the EU and Vietnam were indeed reflected in the final text of the EVFTA in one way or another. This was a victory for the entire business community, but our work on the EVFTA continues.
Currently, the EVFTA is in its implementation phase. In June-July 2017, EuroCham decided to conduct a Survey on what EuroCham members feel was about that which has been agreed. Moreover, EuroCham sought to know its Members' opinion on how the EVFTA and its application could objectively benefit their business.
The results of the Survey will be conveyed directly to relevant authorities, and particularly during EuroCham's mission to Brussels, Belgium, in September 2017. During this mission, EuroCham will meet with high-level officials at the European Commission, Members of the European Parliament, diplomatic representations in Brussels, as well as European Trade Associations. Our mission to Brussels will also attempt to raise further awareness on the need of a speedy ratification process.
The results of the survey will be shared upon request after 31 August 2017. Please contact Ms. Dieu in order to request these results. 

We would like to thank all members that participated in this survey and the great contribution they made in helphing us deliver the European Business Community in Vietnam's message to where decisions are made.


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