EuroCham Annual General Meeting 2017: Executive Committee 2017 Elected

On 16th March 2017, the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the European Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam (EuroCham) was held simultaneously in Hanoi and HCMC. Members of the organisation approved the EuroCham budget for 2017 and voted in the new Executive Committee. Attending the AGM, apart from a quorum of its corporate members, were also representatives from EuroCham’s individual Business Associations and representatives of European Diplomatic Missions.

The Executive Committee initially reported on 2016. EuroCham showed a growth in the number of members by 10%, an increase from 876 (2015) to 946 (2016). Apart from EuroCham’s primary scope of work through dialogue with Vietnamese authorities, last year EuroCham also offered its members 70 events. EuroCham was also featured prominently throughout the media with hundreds of news articles and TV appearances.

Goals and outlook 2017 were presented, aiming at further growth in membership, greater cooperation with Business Associations, enriched event calendar through a mix of business and social events.  EuroCham committed to continue its strong advocacy work towards an ever improving business environment in Vietnam, and also to continue the promotion and stakeholder engagement ahead of the implementation of the EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement, scheduled for 2018.

Through a ballot vote audited by PWC, a quorum of EuroCham’s members elected the new Executive Committee. The Executive Committee 2017 consists of 9 (nine) elected members and 6 (six) representatives proposed by Business Association, namely:

Elected Candidates
  1. Nicolas AUDIER - CCIFV (HCMC)
  2. Matteo BODDI - ICham (Hanoi)
  4. Boris GUEUDIN - CEEC (HCMC)
  5. Joshua JAMES - EuroCham (HCMC)
  6. Stefano PELLEGRINO - ICham (HCMC)
  7. Soren ROED PEDERSEN - NordCham Hanoi (Hanoi)
  9. Quang-Hue VO - GBA (HCMC)
Candidates appointed by Business Associations
*According to the Statues of EuroCham
  1. Guy BALZA - BeLuxCham (HCMC)
  2. Jean-Jacques BOUFLET - CCIFV (HCMC)
  3. Gellert HORVATH - CEEC (Hanoi)
  6. Tomaso ANDREATTA - ICham (HCMC)
Other items were approved by results vote by Show of hands and ballot:
•    AGM 2016 minute
•    Approval of auditor
•    Financial statement 2016
•    Budget for 2017
•    3 changes of EUROCHAM STATUTES 

Chair and Vice Chair will be voted in during the first meeting of the new Executive Committee (Thursday, 23 March 2017). At that time, responsibilities of each Executive Committee member will be assigned, in accordance with EuroCham’s working group structure.

Mr. Michael Behrens, outgoing Chairman, said: “EuroCham has shown throughout 2016 and earlier this year that it is an important business organisation for Vietnam. The current Executive Committee has done crucial work in delivering the message of the EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement and maintaining a healthy dialogue with the Vietnamese Government. We are proud of what we have achieved so far as one of the most important European chambers in the ASEAN region, and I am sure that this legacy will be carried on by the very engaged and committed European business community in Vietnam.”

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