EuroCham Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2017

Thursday, 16 March 2017
4:30pm - 9:00pm
HN and HCMC simultaneously, please refer to below
Free of charge (members only)

Please note that only Ordinary Members having paid in full their membership dues for 2017 (before 17:00PM, Thursday 2 March 2017) will have voting rights and can stand for election.

1. Tentative Agenda:

16.30 – 17.00: Registration
17.00 – 17.10: Welcome remarks by EuroCham Chairman
17.10 – 18.10: AGM

  • Approval AGM Minutes 2016
  • Chairman’s Summary 2016 & Mandate 2017 (Vote by hand)
  • Finance Report 2016 & Budget 2017
    • Approval of Auditor’s Report 2016 (Vote by hand)
    • Approval of Budget 2017 (Vote by hand)
    • Approval of Auditor 2017 (Vote by hand)
  • Working group’s Summary 2016 and Outlook 2017
    • Advocacy
    • Projects and Processes 
    • Stakeholder Relations
    • Events
    • Marketing & Communication
    • 18:10 – 18:15: Voting results

18.15 – 19:00: Executive Committee 2017 introduction and Election

  • Farewell leaving ExCo 2016 members
  • Introduction: Business Association Delegates
  • Introduction: Independent Candidates
  • Vote for Executive Committee members (vote by secret ballot)

19.00 – 19.30: Statute Changes

19.30 – 19.45: Q&A 
19.45 – 20:00: Address of Business Association Chairs
20:00 – 20.15: Speech by Representative of EU Delegation (tbc)
20:15 – 20.20: Voting results: Executive Committee
20:20 – 20.45: Cocktail reception
20.45 – 20.50: Voting results: Statute Changes (if available)
20.50 – 21.00: Closing remarks by Chairman

2. Nominations:

Nominations for the election of members of the Executive Committee should be submitted to EuroCham offices by hand, by facsimile or by email in PDF format latest by 17:00PM, Thursday 2 March 2017 to:

Please click here to download nomination form

All nominations must be made in writing on the form attached and must be signed by the proposer, the seconder and the nominee, and accompanied by a statement not exceeding 200 words from the nominee stating his/her reasons for standing for election. All nominees, if elected, are expected to attend all Executive Committees meetings and to actively contribute and support EuroCham’s activities, interest and principles.
The voting procedures to apply at this AGM are set out in the attached document title “Voting Procedures – AGM 2017”. A list of nominees will be presented in EuroCham’s website and distributed at least seven days prior to the AGM.

3. Proxies:

Any Ordinary Member who is unable to attend the AGM in person may appoint one Ordinary Member to act on his / her behalf by proxy. All proxies must be made in writing in the prescribed form hereby attached and must be duly signed by the Company Representative of the Ordinary Corporate Member or by the Ordinary Individual Member making the appointment. Please note that:

  • Only Ordinary Members are eligible to be appointed as proxies.
  • Proxies made by any Member who physically attends the AGM will be cancelled by the presence of that Member.
  • For voting purposes, the appointment of a proxy means that your proxy will be able to cast all votes for all Executive Committee nominees on your behalf. Therefore, we suggest that if you wish your proxy to vote for specified nominees, you should advise your proxy to do so prior to the AGM.
  • One voting Ordinary Member may hold only up to a maximum of ten (10) proxies plus the one deriving from her/his own membership, as per Executive Committee decision of 12th January 2017.
  • Persons owning more than 01 membership may hold only up to a maximum of ten (10) proxies plus those deriving from her/his own memberships, as per Executive Committee decision of 12th January 2017.
  • All proxies should be submitted in the prescribed form to EuroCham by 17:00PM, Wednesday 15March 2017 by email, hand for fax.
  • All proxies must be assigned, blank proxies will be null and void.
  • Blank proxies received by EuroCham from Business Association members up to this deadline will be referred back to Business Association to ensure proxy is assigned. EuroCham will contact direct members. It is the assignee responsibility to check with the person they are giving the proxy to that their proxy limit has not been reached.

 Please click here to download proxy form 

4. Voting procedures:

  • Votes for the accounts 2016, the budget 2017 and other AGM proposals (if any) will be conducted by a show of hands.
  • Votes for Statutes changes and election of the Executive Committee 2017 will be conducted by secret ballots and audited by PwC Vietnam.

Please click here to see full details of voting procedures 

Dated: 25 January 2017
With kind regards,
Michael Behrens,
Chairman of European Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam


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