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  • 25 Jun
    CCIFV networking meeting in HCMC is Back! CCI France-Vietnam is nothing without the French business community in Vietnam. This community? It's you! Come meet the members of the Chamber and all the people who drive the European community along with the dynamics of the city. Every last...
  • 26 Jun
    The dawn of the 4th industrial revolution also marked the transformation of data and how it can be used. In today's world any company who wishes to be successful needs to equip themselves with the knowledge on how to collect, interpret, and utilize various forms of data. Understanding...
  • 27 Jun
    EuroCham Excursion:Thursday| 27 June 2019 | 07:30AM-12:00PM
    1. Visit Tan Cang - Hiep Phuoc Terminal Opened in May 2015 Total area: 16.50 Ha  Length of berth: 420m (Soai Rap River) & 281m (Dong Dien River) Located in the South of Ho Chi Minh City, next to Hiep Phuoc IP; Long Hau IP; Tan Tao IP ; Binh Chanh IP;...
  • 27 Jun
    Laos is well-known for being a landlocked country border Myanmar, China, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. Yet, in terms of GDP, Laos has sustained an average growth rate of 6.5 percent in 2018 as per ADB’s report and the economy has benefited greatly from the foreign direct investment. For...
  • 29 Jun
    Halong - Events: 29 June 2019 | From 2:00 - 9:00PM
    Bac Lieu is a leading province in Viet Nam in producing high quality shrimp seeds with the annual production of 25 billion seeds, accounting for over 50% that of Vietnamese provinces in the Mekong Delta region, and about 20% of the country. After 10 years as a principal sector in agriculture,...
  • 29 Jun
    HCMC - Concert: 29 June | From 08:00PM
    This June 29, come to Saigon Opera House and step into the world of "Classical Meets Jazz" - a brand new crossover concert by Saigon Philharmonic Youth Orchestra (SPYO), featuring world-famous pieces from two genres of music - Jazz & Classical, all in ONE musical space! The concert...
  • 03 Jul
    HCMC-Business Workshop: Wednesday, 03 July 2019 | 08:30-10:30
    Think burnout and fatigue management burnout at work impacts employee engagement, motivation and performance. Stress, busyness and burnout are words which are part of our work vocabulary. But should this be the new normal? We will explore the new workplace landscape and see how ignoring the...
  • 05 Dec
    to be updated
  • 06 Dec
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