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Established in May 2014, Green Growth Business Sector Committee (GGSC) aims to work with stakeholders to fulfill its mission: to facilitate the mainstreaming, abolishment of barriers and development of the conditions that are essential for Green Business to prosper in Vietnam. To fulfill this mission, GGSC works together with the Government of Vietnam and its agencies as well as with Vietnamese and European companies and other stakeholders.

Focus areas of GGSC: Renewable energy and energy efficiency; clean and environmental technologies (including water, waste and sanitation); financing green business; sustainable buildings; and urban and industrial green growth.

Working Groups:

  • Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency
  • Sustainable Cities

How to join: Kindly fill in this application form to join GGSC and send to the Sector Committee email at: Also click here for GGCS's Internal Rules and Mission Statement and here for EuroCham's "Dos and Don'ts" for Sector Committees.

Please be informed that EuroCham Sector Committees are self-financed, self-governed bottom-up entitites. Thus, the activities are limited by membership fees and focus areas set by the members of the Sector Committee. For GGSC, the 2017 membership fees are as follows: 

  • Individual: VND 1,750,000/year
  • SMEs: VND 3,500,000/year
  • Large enterprises: VND 7,500,000/year

Key interests and Position paper

  • Reference documents
    • Legal analysis of the latest (5th) draft of Decision of the Prime Minister on Mechanism for encouragement of the development of solar power projects in Vietnam:
  • The Made in Vietnam Energy Plan
The Made in Vietnam Energy Plan was presented to the Prime Minister in Hanoi on Monday 5th December by Eurocham’s Green Growth Sector Committee, it outlines a national energy plan using indigenous resources to deliver a sustainable energy future to 2030.

EVBN and Dragon Capital Group Ltd. supported the production of the Plan, with assistance from Amcham and Norcham.

This authoritative report highlights the energy solutions of Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy and domestic Natural Gas as a low emissions, fast deployed alternative to coal plants fuelled by imported coal.

The key advantages of MVEP to Vietnam are: 

  • Fast Speed of Deployment of these domestic energy solutions - wind, solar, biomass and energy efficiency on heavy industry can be implemented in a year or less;
  • Low Risk solution - in the plan there is no risk connected to fluctuating Asian coal prices. It delviers a predictable price of energy for consumers;
  • Energy Efficiency if implemented as the Plan suggests, investment in efficiency would cancel the need for 11% of the planned growth of power generation to 2030 - a much more efficient energy market will result;
  • Transfer of the Capital Investment Burden from the State to the Private Sector;
  • Emissions are reduced and Vietnam’s Climate Change commitments can be met;
  • Financing is available for clean energy, while the supply of finance for new coal plants is shrinking.
Please follow the link to read the report in full:


Whitebook 2016 - Energy & Electricity Chapter
Whitebook 2016 - Green Growth Chapter
Solar Expert Survey Vietnam 2016
GGSC speech at the meeting with Deputy Prime Minister Pham Binh Minh on 3 March 2017
WhiteBook 2017 - Chapter 2. Energy and Electricity
WhiteBook 2017 - Chapter 3. Green Growth




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