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Organizations and individuals that are committed to advancing gender equality in the workplace and business organizations have,  as part of that commitment, organized themselves in an independent Sector Committee under the European Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam. The name of the independent sector committee is known as “Women in Business Sector Committee” (WIB SC). WIB SC  aims to work with stakeholders, such as individuals, business organizations, private enterprises, and the public sector, to fulfill its mission, which is defined in section 3 of this Internal Rules and Mission Statement.

To fulfill its mission taking into account the interdependence of the issues raised by its members.   
The WIB SC will include and not limited to:

  1. Organize and promote dialogue with the Government of Vietnam, relevant authorities, or other stakeholders to discuss the needs, issues, and problems of women in the workplace in Vietnam;
  2. Write positions papers and letters to the Government of Vietnam; co-author European Chamber of Commerce publications such as “EuroCham’s Whitebook” with other stakeholders to address the needs, issues, and challenges regarding achieving gender equality in the workplace, to improve the diversity and inclusion in business in Vietnam and turn, increase profits and growth;
  3. Organize business luncheons, dinner or breakfast meetings with the purpose of networking and information sharing on current issues;
  4. Organize seminars, workshops, conferences, and training sessions relating to gender equality issues, the promotion of women in leadership roles, and the benefits of diversity and inclusion practices to businesses;
  5. Collect and disseminate information about developments, trends, best practices, and so forth (both inside and outside Vietnam) regarding gender equality in the workplace among the WIB SC-Members or their representatives;
  6. Support the creation of a diverse and inclusive business environment in Vietnam by having sector committee members that represent the full spectrum of EU-linked business in Vietnam, including law firms, financiers, investors, entrepreneurs, and project owners; and
Work on an action plan for mid-and long-term activities of the WIB SC (e.g. stakeholder & resource mapping, specific focus areas action plan, identify best practices within WIB SC members and focus on the dissemination of these practices, coordinate with other Chambers on gender bilingualism and gender balance projects; establish a mentorship program to enable women to reach leadership positions). members and the sector. 

Past activities
  1. 21 May 2019:  Women’s Networking – Respect in the Workplace
  2. 5 November 2019: Women’s Networking: How to Convey an Executive presence
  3. 20 October 2020: Women’s Day Networking Evening
  4. January 2021: Networking at Belgo

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Key interests and Position paper

EuroCham Whitebook 2021 (to be updated once published)


Corporate members:


Individual members:

  • Roos IJsendijk
  • Dana McNairn
  • Kelly Liu


Ms. Elaine Chew 
Co-Chair in Ho Chi Minh City
ACSV Legal

Ms. Bopha Sem
Membership Vice-Chair

Ms. Angelique Masse Nguyen
Partnerships Vice-Chair
Saigon Children’s Charity

Ms. Mimi Vu
Advocacy Vice-Chair
Raise Partners

Ms. My Holland
Training Vice-Chair
EQuest Asia

Ms. Roos IJsendijk
Co-Chair in Hanoi
Individual Member

Ms. Sarah Galeski
Legal Vice-Chair
Tilleke & Gibbins

Ms. Pham Thi Ha Giang
Communication Vice-Chair
Bayer Vietnam
Ms. Laura Tool
Digital Launch

Ms. Rukmini Makkar
Event Vice-Chair
RTC Holdings Vietnam Company Limited



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