Legal Sector Committee

General information

1. The mission of the Legal Sector Committee (“LSC”) is to “create a legal level playing field for European businesses in Vietnam.”

2. The LSC is committed to create revenue for the European Chamber of Commerce (“EuroCham”) by its activities mentioned in point 5 below.

3. The LSC shall primarily focus on:

  • a. Vietnam's service sector market access commitments in the EU- Vietnam Free Trade Agreement;

  • ​b. WTO service sector market access commitments; and

  • c. Other investment related issues of vital importance to the European business in Vietnam.

4. To fulfil its mission, the LSC shall work together with the Government of Vietnam and its agencies as well as with Vietnamese and European companies and other stakeholders. The LSC shall work in a manner that enables it to fulfil its mission taking into account the interdependence of the issues raised by its members and the sector.

5. The Legal Sector Committee will:

  • a. Organize business luncheons, dinner or breakfast meetings with the purpose of networking and information sharing on relevant new laws and the EU- Vietnam Free Trade Agreement as well as other relevant Trade Agreements;

  • b. Organize seminars, workshops, conferences and training sessions for EuroCham members on issues and topics that will promote their business development;

  • c. Organize training courses for Vietnamese lawyers on issues related to the EU- Vietnam Free Trade Agreement and other regulations affecting European business in Vietnam;

  • d. Prepare position papers with recommendations to the Government and cooperate with the Government in any other effective ways to optimize the legal framework for foreign direct investment in Vietnam; co-author EuroCham publications such as EuroCham’s Whitebook on legal matters;

  • e. Invite and encourage all European companies and industries to approach the LSC in case they face legal issues in Vietnam;

  • f. Support European business to bring those issues up to the Vietnamese Government and line authorities for a positive solution for our members; and

  • g. Maintain close relations and cooperation with the EU Delegation to Vietnam.

6.    The LSC shall act in a professional, lawful and respectful manner and in compliance with the Sector Committee Rules and Statutes.


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