CropLife Vietnam Sector Committee

General information

Aims & Objectives:

  • Create uniform standards for registration of crop protection products from both foreign and domestic applicants.
  • Create a robust system to protect property rights to registration data used to support crop protection products in Vietnam.
  • Promote a robust patent system with vigilant enforcement for both crop protection products and products of agricultural biotechnology.
  • Support the product stewardship programs funded by CropLife Asia for Vietnam.
  • Promote the acceptance and use of agricultural biotechnology in Vietnam.
  • Promote the requirement by the Vietnamese authorities of Good Manufacturing Practices for crop protection products.
  • Promote the use of FAO specifications as quality standards for registrations of generic products in Vietnam.
  • Raise awareness of the economic, social and health problems created by counterfeit crop protection products and counterfeit products of biotechnology in Vietnam.
  • Promote the use of science-based risk management procedures by regulatory authorities in Vietnam.

Key interests and Position paper

Safe Food Production
Stewardship: Safe and Effective Use of Crop Protection Products


Kohei Sakata
Managing Director
Bayer CropScience Vietnam

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