[Corporate News] Vespa Sprint Carbon, Vespa Primavera S and Vespa GTS Touring

Vespa Sprint Carbon, born for those who wants to live with more intensity

With an entire steel body and details in the revolutionary carbon look, Vespa Sprint Carbon is the Italian statement of design elegance and sporty performance, offering to the Vespa fans journeys of emotions and experience.
Being heir to a tradition of vitality and youth of Vespa, Sprint Carbon emphasizes the sporty style evoked by its name. Being enriched by advanced technological features such as I-get Engine, ABS (Antilock Braking System), Immobilizer, USB port for easy charging of smartphones and electronic devices, Vespa Sprint Carbon is designed to achieve highest level of stability, handling, efficiency and comfort. It is available in 2 colors: Black Vulcano and White Innocenza.
Vespa is adding more intensity to Vespa Sprint Carbon via the new front tie and speedometer cover with carbon texture, new red horn cover, new red rim stickers, shield edge and lamp cover in grey finishing, while maintaining chrome handlebar and mirrors. The identity of racing & sportiness is emphasized by the single saddle, a signature of the Carbon edition since 2018, now updated with new finishing.
The Italian “Tricolore” flag is a stamp, a proof of art, design, fashion and sophistication that is well known in the world. Sprint Carbon, belonging to the Vespa brand, one of the greatest inventions of Italy, is definitely entitled to carry this mark. This outstanding version is signed by the new “Carbon” logo in the back shield.
Besides to the new young and sporty design, safety is always outmost important for Vespa, therefore Sprint Carbon is equipped with LED lamps, both front and rear. The front view is characterized by the masculine rectangular shape of the headlamp, a well-established element that makes Sprint stand out.
Vespa Sprint Carbon is available in the Vespa point of sales throughout the whole country.

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Vespa Primavera S, The bold and stylish version of the classic Primavera Vespa

The Vespa range 2019 is enriched by a new enchanting version in its backbone Primavera family.
Vespa Primavera S adds boldness, style and sportiness to the classic Primavera with dedicated color range: New Red Matt, Glossy Black and Glossy White, characterised by the edge shield, rims and horn cover in dust grey.
For the new Vespa Primavera S, the 12”-wheel rims and a new five-spoke design provide great stability, improved safety, and better holding on all surfaces and in all road conditions. Moreover, The LED lighting technology adopted for both the front headlight and the rear light, boosts active safety. The new Vespa Primavera S is driven by modern one-cylinder four-stroke engine, air-cooled and equipped with electronic injection and 3-valve distribution. Each detail from the exhaust to the inner structure of the transmission casing was designed to provide a smooth, quiet, and comfortable ride.
This model came to life for trendsetters, those who want to show their true selves in the most distinguished way from others and define their own style to be stand out in the crowd.
Vespa Primavera S is available in the Vespa point of sales throughout the whole country.

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Vespa GTS Touring, a spirit of adventure among Vespa travel lovers

Millions of Vespa, equipped for tourism, have long since travelled the world's roads, giving entire generations the opportunity to get to know each other, by broadening their horizons and encountering different cultures. Vespa GTS Touring stands out for its evocative top fairing, which offers added protection without impacting on its elegance (thanks to its reduced size), and its rear luggage rack that, combined with the spacious under-saddle compartment, guarantees excellent load capacity when embarking on those unforgettable holidays, alone or in two. Available in Beige Eleganza and the new Blue Avio, Vespa GTS Touring also features a refined and elegantly upholstered saddle and a dedicated plate on the back of the shield.
The “on-board” technological level increases in the lighting system, thanks to the ultimate LED technology, both on the front round headlamp and rear ends, as well as in the LED daylights. These features represent the best solution in terms of visibility, in all possible weather conditions, and a very nice stylistic choice. The front end features a redesigned shield, at the centre of which is the unmistakeable horn cover, now longer and enhanced with three decorations. The new Vespa GTS Touring offers a new saddle able to ensure greater comfort for both rider and passenger. The under-saddle compartment makes optimum use of the available space including the glove box, inside which there is a USB port, useful for the charging of external devices. An exciting mix of handling and stability, also thanks to the generous section tyres fitted on 12-inch diameter wheel rims. The double-disc braking system ensures prompt deceleration, on different road conditions during your trip, with a reserve of modularity to put even neophytes at ease.
Vespa GTS Touring is available in the Vespa point of sales throughout the whole country.

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