On the 8th June, the National Assembly has announced Resolution 57/2018/QH14 on the Program of promulgation of laws and ordinances in 2019, amending the 2018 program. In 2019, the National Assembly is going to discuss and pass the following legal documents:
1. Law on public administration;
2. Law on architecture;
3. Law on prevention fighting against of harmful effects of liquor and beer;
4. Law on Tax management (amendment);
5. Law amending and supplementing the Law on Penal decision enforcement;
6. Law amending and supplementing a number of Law on public investment;
7. Labour Code (amendment);
8. Law on medical examination and treatment (amendment);
9. Law amending and supplementing a number of Land Law;
10. Law amending and supplementing a number of articles of Investment Law and Enterprise Law;
11. Law on Securities (amendment);
12. Law on reserve force;
13. Law on Library;
14. Law on Militia and Self-Defense Force (amendment);
15. Law on exit and entry of Vietnamese citizens
The National Assembly will also provide comment to amend and supplement the Law on Environmental Protection Tax; Law amending and supplementing the Law on the Promulgation of Legal documents and Youths Law
The Decision 57 requires competent agencies, organizations and individuals to enhance their responsibilities and strictly implement the Law on the Promulgation of Legal documents. There should be avoided submission of the projects or drafts without ensuring their quality first. The drafting authorities and agencies shall ensure the legality, accuracy and completeness of the documents in the project or draft dossier; fully overcome the situation of late submission of drafts; clearly identify the causes and responsibilities of each agency, organization or individual in their failure to complete the program on elaboration of laws and ordinances for reporting to the National Assembly.
The agencies responsible for drafting, appraising, verifying and related agencies are responsible to create favorable conditions for National Assembly deputies to approach and comment on drafts and to well play their roles, responsibilities and make positive contributions to the elaboration of laws and ordinances.
The Government shall devote sufficient time to discuss and comment the projects and drafts, report to the National Assembly, the Standing Committee of the National Assembly and to take measures to direct, urge and inspect in order to ensure the quality and tempo of the projects and drafts

Text of the Resolution 57/2018/QH14 : HERE

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