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Vietnam has been experiencing an unprecedented path of economic growth and inflow of foreign direct investment (FDI). The scale of the economic success of the country has also brought about a demand for progress in business practices and namely the contribution of the private sector to sustainable development by delivering economic, social and environmental benefits to all stakeholders. This is what can be broadly defined as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).  
CSR is a concept with many definitions and practices. The way it is understood and implemented differs greatly across companies and countries. Moreover, CSR is a very broad concept that addresses many and various topics such as corporate governance, health and safety, environmental effects, human rights, working conditions and contribution to economic development. Whatever the definition is, the purpose of CSR is to drive change towards sustainability.

Why be CSR Certified?
Enterprises, whether local or foreign, have a responsibility towards the context in which they operate. In Vietnam, the consequences of the exploitation of natural resources, urbanisation, and labour-intensive industries call for the private sector to take an initiative towards change. However, this is difficult for most companies without experience in a CSR approach to know where to start. In addition, many do not have the resources to organize a showcasing of their action or to measure their impact, which creates a disincentive to embark on new initiatives. 
This creates a need for both guidance and recognition by an external specialist entity which can provide an independent analysis and provide input to steer a company towards fully and efficiently integrating a CSR approach in its operations. This is what a CSR certification is for. Being CSR certified not only ensures company is going in the right direction, reducing cost and increasing competitiveness – particularly in supply chains – it also adds brand value and credibility to service providers and suppliers. Currently, more and more companies are being requested by their customers and buyers to demonstrate that what they deliver is put forth with sustainable development in mind.
TÜV SÜD-EuroCham Vietnam CSR Certification
EuroCham has partnered with the leading audit services provider TÜV SÜD to offer EuroCham members the opportunity to become CSR certified and to embark on a new and necessary way of approaching business.
There are many different areas of CSR to be addressed and it is difficult, even for larger and more experienced companies, to always stay ahead in all of its dimensions. The TÜV SÜD-EuroCham CSR Certification is a comprehensive audit process available exclusively to EuroCham member companies and carried out by the leading specialists of TÜV SÜD.
CSR certification, depending on the size of the company, can represent an investment which can be for many business professionals difficult to understand if there are time limitations that prevent them from being able to grasp its true purpose. 
Under a special agreement between TÜV SÜD and EuroCham, this Certification aims to tackle precisely these two aspects: raise awareness about the relevance and the workings of a CSR audit, while being financially accessible. In this way, EuroCham members will be able to be prepared for the era of sustainable business with little cost, while becoming holders of a globally recognized certificate. EuroCham members benefit from subsidised pricing, making CSR certification financially accessible to all. 

RATES (for EuroCham members only):

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Social Audit Report Format

The TÜV SÜD-EuroCham CSR Certification approaches the most fundamental dimensions of CSR, providing a certification that has an impact, while preparing the company to acquire more advanced certified qualifications in this field. 
Scope: The Certificate program is to ensure ongoing compliance for a given facility (office or factory) over a period of time. All Eurocham members are entitled to this service under its special conditions. 


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