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  • Open Letter from Minster, Chairman of Office of the Government to individuals, organisations and business community on using National Public Service Portal
  • Dialogue Between Leaders of EuroCham Vietnam and the Government Following Eurocham’s Mission to Brussels in December 2019
  • EuroCham Promotes the EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement in Brussels and Launches New Report
  • EU Parliament's INTA Committee Gives Consent to EU-Vietnam Free Trade and Investment Protection Agreements
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Sector Committee News

EuroCham Medical Devices and Diagnostics Sector Committee Code of Ethi... 03 Jan 2020
Opening message: From EuroCham MDDSC Chairman Mr. Torben Minko
Survey and Comments on the Intellectual Property Law 23 Oct 2019
The Intellectual Property Rights Sector Committee is supporting the National Office of Intellectual Property to collect opinions from the business community on...

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